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Our favourite wedding table ice breakers

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a happy couple planning their nuptials must be in want of a seating plan. However, while some tables automatically fill with well acquainted well wishers – the friends from your year at school, the friends you lived with at university, your mother’s cousins… some tables will almost inevitably feature strangers. Now you wouldn’t be inviting these lovely people along if they weren’t easy to get on with but just to give them a helping hand here are few wedding table games to break the ice.

Wedding Breakfast

Photo by Louise Adby Photography

Someone at this table

A way to get everyone involved in the day early on is to ask them to send a fact about themselves on their RSVP. Compile these facts in a booklet and stand them on each table, then let your guests guess which one among them was given a pet cow for their 18th birthday… (A useful fact if you’re ever playing this game with my co-blogger!)

Photo by DCMGMT Creative Inc

Trivia/Things you may not know

Not only will some of the guests not know each other but some of them might not know either you or your fiancee as well as they’d like. Why not help them out and let them know some fun facts about yourselves? Or make it a quiz with these fun flash cards! (This works particularly well if a combination of your names happens to spell Tri-via, just saying…)

Photo Credits: Left by Emily Steffen, Top and Bottom Right via The Wedding Bee

He said/She said

How well do your guests really know you? Time to find out with a game of ‘He said, she said’.  You can use anything from lists debating who does the chores, is better with directions and never forgets an anniversary all the way to actual quotes that have become infamous inside jokes over time. A personal favourite from my own experience… ‘5, 4, 3, 2… Do I have to say the last letter?’.

Photo Credits: Left by Ama Vita Designs via Etsy, Right by Favors and Stuff Designs via Etsy

Disposable Cameras

While I may want an unplugged wedding ceremony, I think that disposable cameras are a cute and quirky way for your guests to help you capture all the candid snaps from the after party. Give each table a camera and a list of target shots and let them go wild!

Photo Credits: Left via Not on the High Street, Right via Etsy

Cards about Matrimony

It may make me a terrible person but my household are very fond of a good round of Cards Against Humanity and it just so happens that there’s now a slightly more family friendly wedding alternative… Cads About Matrimony! Or if you’re feeling creative, why not copy Eric and Corina’s hilarious take on the original game (from Eric’s Make Houston Great blog) by inserting your names into all your favourite questions?

Photo Credits: Left via Cads About Matrimony, Right by Make Houston Great

Wedding Guest Bingo

So much more than your average game of bingo, Wedding Bingo offers your guests the chance to win prizes, or just kudos, during the speeches. Did the Father of the Bride cry? Did the Groom call the Bride beautiful? Did the Best Man reference the stag do? Bingo! (Warning: your gran might be scary good at this one…)

Photo by Amber Hughes Photography

Advice for the bride and groom

At the end of the day marriage is a partnership, a compromise and an adventure so the best thing your guests can do is give you a little bit of insight from their own experience. Whether it’s coasters, madlibs or cards, why not let your friends share a few tips and tricks at making a marriage even more awesome?

Photo Credits: Left from Bragging Bags via Etsy, Right from BHLDN 

3 thoughts on “Our favourite wedding table ice breakers

  1. Live and Daf, great post for those seeking interesting wedding games! The ‘Cards Against Matrimony’ game we had custom made had lots of laughs and made the dinner portion of the meal very entertaining for guests. Cheers, – Eric


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